E3 Club

Studying Nature’s Sketchbook

The NDAA E3 Club encourages students to periodically step away from the hustle and bustle of their academic lives to contemplate the spiritual lessons to be learned through nature’s sketchbook. Students also learn the importance of recharging, reconnecting, and reaffirming their relationship with God in a peaceful environment.

Upper School students are taught wildlife survival skills, study biology in the natural setting, and learn to bond closely with their peers. By hiking, excavating, and camping together, students internalize the fact that God is our refuge and our only safety in any circumstance.

Most importantly, E3 encourages our youths to consider God’s urging to “Be still, and know that I am God” ~Psalms 46:10


The Adventist Education Advantage

The Adventist Education Advantage

The longer children attend Adventist schools, the higher their average achievement. CognitiveGene[Click Here]

6 Myths About Adventist Education

6 Myths About Adventist Education

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Prayer Campaign

North Dallas Adventist Academy has become one of the largest schools in the Adventist Pre-K-12 system in Texas. Now it is time for us to “Pray it Forward” to the next phase of the ministry. Will you partner with us in prayer and fasting? Join the NDAA Prayer Band!