Through the choir program at NDAA, students learn the importance of vocal music through multicultural praise and worship opportunities. As youths singing the stories of faith, hope, and salvation, each learns to deepen their personal relationship with God through a community worship experience. In addition to learning vocal harmony, students also learn to effectively work together in order to produce a work far greater than would be possible alone. Middle School and Upper School Choirs are led by Mrs. Elphis Stirewalt.



Through bells and chimes, music and music appreciation is open to the non-singer.  Beginning music students learn the basics of reading music, rhythm and notation. More experienced musicians can also be challenged with working as a group and more complex music and note combinations. Mrs. Elphis Stirewalt directs handbells at NDAA.

Orff Approach

The Orff Approach classes utilize percussion instruments and voices to let students “learn by doing” in the world of music. Instruments like xylophones, marimbas, drums and recorders allow even the youngest or first-time musicians to enjoy the experience of music. The Orff Approach classes are led by Mr. Zilei Leite, M.M.


The Adventist Education Advantage

The Adventist Education Advantage

The longer children attend Adventist schools, the higher their average achievement. CognitiveGene[Click Here]

6 Myths About Adventist Education

6 Myths About Adventist Education

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