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Student Handbook
– Student Absence Forms (COVID-related, and other absences)

– 2022-2022 Preliminary Academic Year Calendar
– Online Enrollment Link (2022-2023 academic year)
– School Supply Lists

– School Uniform Guidelines
– Renweb Parent Portal Login link
– Pre-Arranged Absence Request Form
– School Transportation: Student Code of Conduct Form (see below to print)

Morning Drop off/Afternoon Pick up Routes: (2022-2023)



[] 2022-2023 Preliminary Academic Year Calendar (download here)
*Check our online calendar for the most up-to-date information

[] Application Forms:  (to apply for the 2022-2023 school year)
Local New Student Application (online form)
International Student Application (online form)

[] School Supply Lists (Note: K4-5th grades pay a supply fee and are provided all classroom materials and supplies)

[ ] Student Policies / Student Handbook 

[] Uniform and Dress Code:
All students (K4-12th grade) need to be in the NDAA uniform. The uniform consists of an “everyday” uniform (worn Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri), and a Chapel/Dress Uniform (worn Tuesdays). Students in grades 3-12 also need a P.E. Uniform.
Download the Boys’ Uniform Order Guide 
Download the Girls’ Uniform Order Guide
Order Uniforms here (please note: there are no returns or refunds on school uniforms, as they are fulfilled to order) 

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2022-2023 School Year Resources: 

[] Need to report a student’s absence from school? Choose the form you need here:
>> Click to report a COVID related absence or exposure
>> Click to report an absence not related to COVID (doctor visit, other illness, college visit, etc)
Click to download a Pre-Arranged Absence Request Form for teacher approval 

[] School Transportation
Student Code of Conduct Form
Permission Slip to Ride School Transportation 

[] Vegetarian School Lunches 
For students who don’t wish to bring a lunch from home, a vegetarian school lunch is available on a month-by-month basis. Please read the Lunch Program MEMO here and download instructions on How to Order Lunch through FACTS here.

When filling out the lunch menu for your student, please take notice of the field trips on the menu and do not order lunch for them on that day.  The field trips are noted in bold under the food for the day.
An Emergency Lunch will be provided to students who forgot a lunch.  These meals are an extra charge and must be paid on the day they are needed.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Vicki Sullivan at
Download a sample menu here.

Additional Forms to be Completed:
[] Sports Physical Form (for students in extracurricular athletics)
[] Texas Student Immunization Requirements (K-12th)
[]  International Student Local Guardian Guidelines
[]  International Student Authorization for Temporary Guardianship
[]  International Student Health Insurance Requirement